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Mills Music Arts Group


Winter Concert

Online Presentation


Choir, String Ensemble, Jazz and Concert Bands


at 6:55pm on 12/18, please go to this link:


Link to Winter Concert
after you go to the Mills Music YouTube channel page,
please click on the Winter Concert Video

The event will be hosted on YouTube and viewable from any web browser. Please use the link provided above for access.


The link will take you to the Mills HS Music Channel.  Click on the "Winter Concert" video to initiate the countdown to the Concert which will start at 7pm.  Gather the family and enjoy the music together!

We also wanted to take this opportunity to announce our fundraising drive for Mills music scholarships to be awarded this spring. Our goal is to raise and award $2000 to dedicated students in our program. Your personal donation and investment would be greatly appreciated and will support their future studies.

MMAG is 501(c)3 non-profit, TaxID: 23-7129347


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