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Pep Band is back in Action!

After a month hiatus due to Omicron wave, Mills Pep Band resumed their performance cheering on the Girls Basketball game on 2/11!

They will be playing again to cheer on the Boys Team on Valentine's Day!


Congratulations to the Mills Jazz Band and Mr. G. for
their award-winning performance at the Folsom Jazz Festival!!!

Mills Jazz Band placed First (woo hoo!!!) in the High School A Division at the Folsom Jazz Festival, and many individuals also received special recognition for their performances (see? all those 7:30am practices do pay off!). 

Video and photos of the performance is available now to view/download.  [password required.  Current students and staff of Mills, click HERE to get the password (requires SMUHSD google account to view). Others please e-mail webmaster and state your affiliation with Mills Community for access code] (1/29/2022)

[update 02/11/2022] Final results for all schools were published, and Mills Jazz placed 5th overall!


Yes.  They were holding their breaths while shutters clicked...

The Clarinet Section plus Four performs at Rotary Club event

The clarinet section plus four members of the concert band performed at the reception for the Rotary Club event


Look Who is saying "Hi!"

Mr. G visited Cal Berkeley and met up with Mills Music alums Nuri, Eric, Daphne, Erin and Rachel. 

Yes, you CAN get into Cal playing music at Mills!


Mills Jazz is jazzin'

Jazz band received the coveted "unanimous Superior" rating for their performance at the CMEA Jazz Festival!  Great Job! (2/1/2020)

Unanimous Superior!

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