MMAG Presents

2nd Annual

Join us for our first School Year 2020 event for Mills music programs!

Date:    Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

Time:   7pm

Place:  Online access info to be e-mailed

if you did not receive the Groove-a-thon announcement e-mail from MMAG Secretary on 10/17, please e-mail with your affiliation info (student name, etc) to be placed on the appropriate mailing list.

Groove-a-Thon is open to Mills High School community

The Groove-a-Thon is to...

...Enjoy an evening full of music,

...Be entertained by the music videos prodcued by the Mills Concert Band, Choir, Jazz Band and String 
   Ensemble students,

...Be awed by the surprise guests!

Donate to Mills Music Arts Program!

- it directly supports the students!

Questions?  Contact: