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The Mills Music Blog is now up and running!

Hi everyone! Mr.Gregoric requested that I make a post announcing the start of this blog and introducing myself, so here it is.

My name is Cazathia Torres and I am currently in the 11th grade. As first chair bass clarinetist (not that there is much competition seeing as it's just me and William) and section leader of the low woodwinds, I would like to be able to say that I am an important part of the band; however, that is not true. I can already imagine Mr.G having second thoughts about appointing me editor of this blog after reading what I have written so far, so allow me to explain myself.

In theory, all members of any band, orchestra, and choir are important. Ask anyone who plays a bass instrument or sings as a bass for their opinion, and they will most likely be skeptical about this statement. After having played bass clarinet for about five years, I completely understand their doubt. Watching the flutes and clarinets play a compelling melody while you're stuck with sheet music filled with whole notes and repetitive rhythms can be somewhat disheartening (though, I must admit, it is much easier to play correctly). I can only imagine how the percussionists feel.

Let's forget about the pyramid of sound for now; in my experience, the pyramid of sound has never been sufficiently represented by any musical group given that many people choose to play instruments that get interesting parts as opposed to those that play the bass line. Now, imagine a band in which everyone plays the melody (a.k.a. what occurs in bands consisting of absolute beginners). Personally, I don't believe that such a band would sound all that amazing. Add in people playing sub-melodies and the bass line, and suddenly everything seems to flow more smoothly. Why? Because balance is essential. This is where that thing about everyone being important comes into play. My take on this notion is that it is not necessarily the people that are important, but what it is that they have to offer. Sure, you could be a relatively boring person with a so-so personality (as I am), but once you step into the band room, people associate a certain role with you; that is, the role you play in the production of well-balanced music. I have witnessed many times during which two people with the same name have been distinguished not by their last names, but by the instruments they play. ("Is Ethan here?" "Trumpet Ethan?" "No, saxophone Ethan.") This is one of my favorite parts about being a member of the band; no matter how insignificant you may feel out in society, there is always a seat set out for you in the band room at the beginning of class.

Truthfully, I do not believe that this was the type of introduction Mr.Gregoric had in mind, but I do believe it to be an adequate one. To the people who question why I continue to mark down Concert Band as a desired course when it comes time to pick classes for the next school year, I hope you know that this is what I mean when I reply with, "It's fun."

Please look forward to more posts from this blog, and thank you for reading!

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