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Hello everyone!

My name is Alec, a Sophomore as of this blog post (let's see if I remember to edit this next year). I'm currently first chair out of two Tenor Saxes in concert band, Baritone Sax player and Treasurer/Secretary of the jazz band, and your assistant webmaster for the website. If you happen to notice anything weird or have any suggestions, contact the webmaster at webmaster@millshsmusic.org (I do not receive this email directly; the entrusted parents who run the website will) or if you want to email me specifically, my school email is 22machlisa50@stu.smuhsd.org

If you want to know who occupies what role in any of the music classes, refer to the amazing piece of cardboard we sacrificed for this very reason:

And don't forget the overall leadership roles of the entire music department, conveniently located on the reverse of that cardboard circle.

If any of the jazz band wants to see or listen to the library of music that we've played, go to the menu at the top and go to students --> jazz song list

Anyway, I don't have much else to say. Mr. G mandated I submit this by Tuesday so this will autopost during band.

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