The "printable" form is completely blank and can be printed out. The "digital" form has filable fields that automatically calculate the point totals!

Please use Adobe Acrobat, Firefox, or Google Chrome to edit the digital PDF.

Safari and MacOS's Preview app DO NOT WORK with auto point calculation!

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Frequently asked questions

Form Logistics

Can I submit my forms late?

Yes! However, there will be a hard deadline to submit the last forms towards the end of each semester in order to properly process the list of music honors recepient for that semester. Deadlines to be announced later.

Do I need to print out the form and get it signed off/can I submit a physical form/can I do this completely digitally?

The form must be filled out and signed by all appropriate students. If your section leader or similar is able to and is willing to digitally sign the tally sheet, we will accept it, but the section leader is under no obligation to sign non-paper copies. If you need to print, you can use the library or career center printers to print at school or any printer at the library to print. Do not use the printers in the band room without permission. To keep things organized, all forms must be submitted digitally. No exceptions.

Who needs to initial and sign off of my tally sheet?

Anything mills related in practice and performance can be signed off by your section leader. Section leaders may sign off their own sheet. Non-mills related activites can be signed off by the leader of that group or activity, or your section leader given proof of participation. Music Support can only be signed off by music leadership (President, Secretary, board members, etc) or Mr. G.

What if I don't meet the point requirement but I think I should get music honors?

First off, submit and gather as many points as you can even if you know you won't make it. You may submit a formal challenge petition letter to Mr. Gregoric during the last week of April. This letter should include: 1. How many points you have so far 2. Why you did not meet the point requirement 3. Why you should be given music honors despite not meeting the requirements Your letter will be read by Mr. Gregoric and the student leadership board and a judgement will be made. Submitting a letter does not guarentee acceptance.

150 x 4 categories = 600 points but I need 800 points? What's going on?

Each category requires a minimum of 150 points, but you can earn more than 150 points in a category. You will need to get 150 points in each category and an additional 200 points from somewhere!

How can I see my current point totals/How can I see my previous submissions?

Click on the "Data Request" link above and click the "submit" button while logged into your SMUHSD google account, and an email will be sent containing all of your submissions and your current point total! Do NOT ask music leadership for point totals - we will just point you to this page.


How can I figure out the amount of practice hours to add to my sheet from class time when the schedule is not normal?

If the school week with a special schedule still holds the class 3 times that week, count it as a full 4 points. Otherwise, count each block period as 1.5 points and count each regular period as 1 points even if the period is shorter than an hour.

Do I count time spent performing as "practice" hours?

Yes, but you must be realistic about the time of playing. A set of pieces at a concert might only be 30 minutes even though you spent a lot more time at the physical location. Pep band sports game performances should be counted as 1 hour.


If I'm late to or leave early from a performance, do I still get points?

Yes, but not the full amount. Exact deductions will be determined on a case-by-case basis by Mr. G.

How many points do I get for the grooveathon?

Groove-a-thon will be considered as a pep-band performance: 15 points.

For the musical/play, how many points do I get if I am multiple roles?

You get the higher of the 2 roles point worth. For example, if in the play you are both a cast member (50 points) and a crew member (20 points), you would get 50 points for all participation in that production.

Music Support

What counts as Music Support?

Anything volunteer-like you do that goes beyond the normal expectations of a student in the music department counts as music support. Helping organize music, putting together presentations, giving presentations, reorganizing the room, filing music, technological support, and extended performance setup/breakdown can all count as music support.

Do TAs get to count time they spend helping out as hours?

No. TAs who ACTIVELY HELP and not just sit around doing homework during their TA period get 150 points per semester, and these 150 points counts all time they spend during their TA period. However, time spent outside of their TA period is eligible for hours at the normal 20 points per hour rate.

Music Knowledge

Will this test be done in class or at home?

We don't know yet, but most likely in class.

Do I need a school chromebook in order to take the music knowledge test?